Work is easy; dealing with people is hard.

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The learning curve for any entry-level job is steep, but in my experience, the day-to-day responsibilities are (relatively) easy; everything else is hard.

Taking notes in meetings or making decks isn’t that difficult, but learning how to coexist with a self-centered micromanager, now that’s a challenge. I could probably fill a book with the unexpected things I’ve learned in my lengthy 1.5 years of experience, but here are some of the big ones.

Experience is infinitely more valuable than “intelligence”

For the first 21 years of my life, school, learning, and grades were at the very top of my priorities list. Learning and getting good grades meant…

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I’m an introverted 23-year-old woman of color who looks 17 with no makeup on. I’m an engineer, and I work in tech with mostly white/Asian men, all over 35.

To me, camera-off Zoom meetings are the great equalizer.

I’m just another disembodied voice floating in Zoom space, discussing project deadlines and solution architecture.

I don’t have to think about if I look young with my hair up or if my boots are too sexy.

I don’t have to tower over the short barking boomers in my heels as they shuffle into the conference room or prepare for the “you’re the…

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I’ve been interested in the financial independence movement for a long time. Not needing to work to be able to sustain myself sounds like a dream. I wouldn’t resent working as much, and I would have the freedom to pursue exciting and engaging work.

I’m more discouraged than hopeful after lots of research and discovering Reddit communities like FIREyFemmes /financialindependence. The reality is you need so much money to be financially free (for me, ideally 1.5 million+ with a yearly withdrawal of $60,000)

On paper, I am an ideal FI candidate. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, I currently…

Corporate culture is about as modern as a rotary telephone.

From practices that have largely remained unchanged since the industrial revolution to the plexiglass/concrete ceilings, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Like many gen-z’s/millenials I don’t believe in the concept of a dream job or company, but I do think incremental changes can significantly improve employee’s experiences at work, and therefore improve a company. If I were to start my own company, there are more than a few things I would leave behind.

Lack of people management training

People management is a skill that takes time to build, just like learning how to…

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I recently read an article in Breathe magazine called “How to live well in limbo.” The author Xenia Taliotis beautifully articulates misconceptions about limbo, how to identify whether you are in limbo, and strategies for how to free yourself.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary limbo, is “an uncertain situation that you cannot control and in which there is no progress of improvement.”

Feelings of limbo can occur when counting down the number of days to vacation, anxiously anticipating a big birthday, or existing in a constantly shifting landscape as we did for the entirety of 2020.

Throughout 2020, I garnered…

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My social media timelines are filled with articles and videos with titles like:

  • How To Make $1,000 A Day & Make Money Online With eCommerce In 2021!
  • 5 Steps To Building An Online Business That Earns $10,000+ A Month, From An Entrepreneur Who Did It”
  • How to Earn $100/Day for 100 Straight Days on Medium.

The excuse “I want to be ____, but I don’t know how to get information on how to get there” no longer exists. Information on how to do and become just about anything can be found on the internet.

The internet has revolutionized the way…

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In my last year of college, I realized I was nearsighted in one eye. One visit to the optometrist, a free try-on box from Warby Parker, and $200 later, I was outfitted in new glasses.

While working in the office, I wore my glasses 24/7; to avoid the uncomfortable tug of one eye compensating for the other. I noticed the more tired I was, the more noticeable the discomfort in my eyes. Because of my persistent exhaustion, taking my glasses off even momentarily was uncomfortable.

Every since working from home, I’ve barely touched my glasses.

I realized that missing a…

I used to carry around a metaphorical ton of resentment towards my job. It was the center of my universe and bled into all areas of my life.

I was Cinderella, and my manager was my wicked stepmother. No matter how much I cooked and cleaned, I was never treated as a member of the family like my stepsisters. I spent days gazing out of the window, waiting for my fairy godmother to liberate me from the prison that was my unremarkable desk.

The Great Pause, AKA 2020, caused me to a complete 180 as it provided me the one…

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“Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living.”

I love watching The Great British Baking Show and most recently, The Great Pottery Throw Down. The loveable characters, intriguing challenges, and funny one-liners aside I love that the castmates are all normal people with normal lives. Unlike The Bachelorette or The Challenge where most of the cast are ~influencers~ or do reality television full time they have very “normal” occupations.

Nigel is a 52-year-old Builder from Bakewell

Sally-Jo is a 33-year-old Interior design from Petersfield

Alice is a 28-year-old geography teacher from Essex

Rosie is a…

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With 2020 finally coming to a close many of us are looking towards 2021 and hoping that we might return to some version of “the old normal.” With multiple vaccines achieving over 90% efficacy rate there is reasonable hope that the most vulnerable will be protected and the hospital/death rates will (hopefully) go down significantly.

“The Great Pause” has been devastating in so many ways, but it has given me time to think about my life from a birds-eye view. …

Avina Nakai

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