There Is a Huge Difference Between Being Tired and Being Weary

In my last year of college, I realized I was nearsighted in one eye. One visit to the optometrist, a free try-on box from Warby Parker, and $200 later, I was outfitted in new glasses.

While working in the office, I wore my glasses 24/7; to avoid the uncomfortable tug of one eye compensating for the other. I noticed the more tired I was, the more noticeable the discomfort in my eyes. Because of my persistent exhaustion, taking my glasses off even momentarily was uncomfortable.

Every since working from home, I’ve barely touched my glasses.

I realized that missing a couple of hours of sleep for one night is not the same as the compounding effect of weeks’ worth of sleep debt, overexercising, and lack of relaxation.

Back before The Great Pause, no matter how much I slept, I never felt fully rested. To try and sleep better, I would exercise 6 days a week, which would exhaust my body, but my mind never shut off thinking about to-do lists, work obligations, chores, career anxieties, etc.

I was trapped inside of a drained body and overactive mind.

Since being forced to slow down, I’ve been reminded of what being rested, and peaceful really feels like.

My work obligations didn’t disappear; instead, I learned how to create a healthy separation between my work and my life.

My career anxieties didn’t magically resolve themselves; instead, I created an actionable plan to move towards my goals.

My to-do lists didn’t get thrown out; instead, I filled them with fewer tasks and elevated hobbies and quality time to the same level of importance as work.

There’s really no substitute for peace, and I’m very grateful that 2020 (forcibly) reunited me with mine.

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